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Itacate Foods
Itacate Foods

Frequently asked questions

Itacate comes from the Nahuatl, Itacatl, and is a common term in Mexican Spanish for food that is taken on a journey. It is also the bundle of food that you are given to take home with you at the end of a family gathering.

These are the flavors that bring us comfort and what we crave after a long day in the back country. We hope you enjoy them too!

Sustainability is extremely important to us. Our pouches are not recyclable, but they are made of about 42% post-consumer recycled material. We consulted sustainability professionals and this was the best, most sustainable option for us. We have also opted to minimize the amount of resin used by optimizing the size of the pouch and not including a zipper since the food is not meant to be rehydrated in the pouch.

We are currently only selling directly to consumers through our website, but look forward to being in brick and mortar stores in the future!