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Itacate Foods
Itacate Foods

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Itacate (i.t̪aˈka.t̪e) in Nahuatl means “food for the journey”. It is the food that you take on the road and the plate that you’re given to-go when leaving a gathering. Enjoy these Itacates wherever your adventures may take you. Buen Provecho!

These are the flavors that bring us comfort and what we crave after a long day in the back country. We hope you enjoy them too!

Sustainability is extremely important to us. Our pouches are made of recyclable material. We have also opted to minimize the amount of resin used by optimizing the size of the pouch and not including a zipper since the food is not meant to be rehydrated in the pouch.

We do! We start with fresh ingredients and make intense flavor bases for all our meals which are then freeze dried and combined with other ingredients, most of which we also prepare and freeze-dry. For example, we make our own salsa for our Charge-up Chilaquiles starting from fresh tomatillos and the flavor shows it